Wire Tap

Friday, February 14, 2014
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

St. John’s United Church

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Sue Hansen and Rose Birney would be only too happy to be known as Hot Chicks with Hot Licks, but the reality is they tend more towards Hot Flashes. Having met one another in a guitar shop in late 2012, they formed WireTap in 2013 to play songs from the Indigo Girls, Del Shannon, Bob Dylan, Parachute Club, Danny Whitten, Phoebe Snow and Luba, (yup, that’s right, a repertoire just as mixed up as these two will likely forever be ! )

As youngsters their individual lives followed similar paths. By the late 60s /early 70s, both managed to get their hands on guitars , with which they drove their friends and families back and away. After all, it’s not an over-night endeavour to teach one’s self to play. In fact, their combined ages, rather, their combined experiences have developed a rap sheet too long to list.

There was no question that little Rosie and Susie definitely had their sights on becoming musicians when they matured. Somewhere down the time-line they eventually realized that it just wasn’t going to be possible for them to do both. Oh well… who really needs to grow up when playing is so much fun ? ! So you see, they’re not in it for security or money… no no no ! If Wire Tap won the lottery they would definitely continue to play long after the money runs out.

At least one thing remains clear and in focus however, and that is their respect of the magic and fun that music can be. Those invisible wire-vibrations might just ignite your vocal chords or perhaps take you to another place you experienced some time ago.
The lines are open and the welcome mat is at the doorway. Join in, tap along, and connect in the spirit of song and fun.

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