As a point of reference, we thought we would provide some historical context. Tim Rogers agreed to look through our archives and provide some interesting aspects of our past. The first article is about our founder: Jill King.

Thirty-something years ago… from the Deep Cove Archive

In September twenty-one years ago Deep Cove Folk initiated its 7th season with Jill King as the feature performer.  This was a homecoming for Jill because she had been one of the prime movers-and-shakers in the Club’s creation.  She was described as the “founder of our neighbourhood folk night and newsletter editor, and organizer and everything else.”  She booked features for the Club from Sept 1991 to June 1992 before moving to Vancouver at the end of the Club’s 3rd season.

Now, in the 7th season, Jill was returning to display her wares as “a strong unaccompanied singer of ballads and a leader of sea shanties.  She also plays concertina, accordion, recorder, limberjack and Appalachian five string banjo.”  Her singing earned her two tracks on the now-classic Folkways album  “Sea Music of Many Lands:  The Pacific Heritage” (Folkways FSS 38405)—the only woman on the record!

It’s pretty wonderful that one of the founders of the Club was able to come back and share her talents to the very audience that she had been so instrumental in creating.  Must’ve been a pretty special night!

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