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Our Open Mic…

Deep Cove Folk is committed to the development and enhancement of our local music community.  Part of this involves our Open Mic where local performers can come up on our stage for 10-12 minutes (usually 2 songs) and strut their stuff.   Being able to perform for our gracious and accepting Deep Cove audience  is a privilege and a wonderful opportunity for both neophyte and seasoned performers.

On a typical evening we’ll have room for 4 different acts to showcase some of the incredible musical talent that lives in and around North Saanich.  There’s no expectation that the music has to be “folk” in the strictest sense—we like variety.  Be warned though, our audience loves to sing and choosing material with singable choruses would never go amiss.  Generally, the expectation is that what you do should be acoustic. Our Open Mic is an enjoyable and varied celebration of our impressive local music community.

Open Mic Night at Deep Cove Folk
Local group The Splinters, Open Mic 2023

Want to Perform at our Open Mic?

If you think you’d like to give our Open Mic a go, please talk to our artistic director, Tark Hamilton, when you arrive at the Club evening.  We book the Open Mic on a first-come-first served basis and our doors are open at 7:00.   Spaces are limited (4 per night) and, sadly, there may not be room for some acts on a busy night.  

Please come prepared.  Do a trial run at home of your complete set to be sure it comes in under 12 minutes at an absolute maximum.  And don’t forget that your talking about the songs is part of your allotted time.  For most folks, by the time you’ve introduced your songs and performed them, there’s only time for two in the allotted 10-12 minutes.  Running over your allotted time slot is quite disrespectful to your colleagues in the community as well as to the audience.  That said, performing at our Open Mic can be incredibly gratifying, as you’re able to add your voice to our growing and vibrant music community. 

We do not ask Open Mic performers to pay admission but do indicate that donations to help keep the Club going are greatly appreciated—after all it’s the existence of the Club that’s given you this wonderful opportunity.  And, because this is a community event, we ask that you not “sing-and-run”, but stay after your performance to enjoy the feature and participate in the evening—maybe you’ll get to meet some of your neighbours and become even more embedded into our lively community.  

Our hall is large enough that using the sound system is necessary if you want the folks at the back of the room to be able to hear you.  We have good equipment (including optional DI’s for instruments–¼” jacks) and a willing assistant who will help you to get set up as quickly as possible.  Sound levels are controlled by our sound tech, Bob de Wolff, at the back of the room so, as long as you work the mics well, you will be heard throughout the room.  Our goal is to support your performance as best we can.

So please, if you are so inclined, consider participating in our Open Mic.  We’d love to have you share your talents with us.

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