Friday, September 8, 2017
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

St. John’s United Church

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Experience South Pacific charm with the relaxing sounds of Tradewinds, bringing you the music of Western Samoa, New Zealand, Rotuma, Hawai’i and Fiji.
We are a Victoria B.C. band blending an extraordinary diversity of musical backgrounds. We promise a memorable performance as we present the haunting music of the South Pacific in the indigenous languages and English.

PENI TAVUTONIVALU is an experienced musician who has played mostly in dance bands in his native Fiji. His extensive repertoire includes many old standards, rock and roll tunes as well as the beautiful music indigenous to the South Pacific. Peni has added Celtic and other folk music to his repertoire since teaming up with Maureen Campbell

MAUREEN CAMPBELL’s musical background is mostly classical. She has performed in numerous choral groups over the years including Amity Singers and the Victoria Gaelic Choir. However, her love for folk music has always been a strong force in her life. In addition to many solo appearances, Maureen has sung with various bands ranging from sea shanty groups to a Celtic band, as well as performing with “Bill Gallaher and Harmony Road.”

NOA MOLIA hails from Rotuma in Fiji and shares Peni’s background of growing up with music as an integral part of his culture. There is always a guitar or ‘ukulele around when people get together in Fiji.

JOE FUAILEFAU adds the Samoan influence to “Tradewinds” and provides a strong rhythmic presence. Joe not only plays a mean ‘ukulele but is also a fine songwriter, writing in both Samoan and English. He has been playing ‘ukulele since he was 12, learning from his mother, and the joy with which he plays his instrument is infectious.

ALAN LAW is a native-born resident of Victoria BC, and has been a player in the local acoustic music scene since the 1970’s. He has appeared with a broad variety of folk, bluegrass and old-time ensembles, performing everything from parlour songs to Calypso.

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