The Clover Point Drifters

Friday, September 11, 2015
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

St. John’s United Church

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The Clover Point Drifters are a bluegrass band from Victoria. Their repertoire consists primarily of traditional bluegrass songs, with a sprinkling of country, folk, blues and pop melodies served up in the bluegrass style. Their songs feature close heartfelt duet and trio harmonies, backed by strong banjo, dobro and mandolin accompaniment.

The band has been active since January 2000, but the members each have a decades-long love affair with bluegrass music.

Mike Kraft (banjo, harmony vocals) is one of Victoria’s secrets that don’t involve underwear. Besides being one fine banjo player, he also plays guitar in a variety of country, rockabilly and blues bands. Basically, any band that wants a real musician tries to snag him. Mike endured painful back surgery in 2003, but now that his aura has been properly aligned, he has re-established his rapport with the universe, and he shares with us his humour and stock picks. He is a former member of The Chance Brothers.

Larry Stevens (resophonic guitar, lead vocals) has a gift for singing the country song, good times and bad, love and loss, the past and even further past. For many years, he lived in Vancouver and played the dobro with several bands, including the New Nash Ramblers who were the BC Country Music Association Bluegrass Band of the Year. In 1999, he drifted over to Victoria, where his rich warm voice has become a welcoming and familiar sound.

Dan Parker (mandolin, lead vocals) drifted west from Ontario following a successful attempt to attain a higher education. He is one of those annoying people who, if given some new musical instrument, will spend almost no time at all making it sound like they have played it for years. And then he’ll show you the tune he has just written for it. If that isn’t enough, he also built his own guitar. Dan’s spirited and inventive solos complement the plodding efficacy of the old farts.

Alan Law (guitar, lead & harmony vocals) does most of the arranging and supplies the beverages for rehearsals. That makes him the band leader. He is strictly a rhythm guitarist (“I do not play any notes”), but his drive, passion and stamina are second to none. In a band of baritones, he enjoys the role of tenor singer, and he loves singing harmony more than almost anything you can imagine. Previous combos include playing with George in Back At The Ranch and with Mike in The Chance Brothers.

George Robinson (bass) is abroad, but don’t despair. The band has a secret weapon (a substitute bass player).

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