Denis Donnelly

St Paddy’s Day with Denis Donnelly and Friends

Friday, March 10, 2017
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

St. John’s United Church

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Denis Donnelly arrives with friends to perform music from his beloved Ireland in this Feature. Denis will sing, play guitar and Irish harp, and be joined prominently by his long-time musical partner, the wonderfully proficient Lanny Pollet, who will play Irish flutes. Together they will re-create some of the most beautiful and enduring songs and tunes from that amazing tradition, including jigs, reels, and music of that itinerant 17th/18th-century harper Turlough O’Carolan.

Denis is also very pleased to be bringing in some of his singing friends, including singers from his group Soundings, to lend harmonies to some lush Irish songs, both slow and gorgeous Irish airs, and also some lively toe-tapping pub songs.

St Paddy’s Day shows generally tend to be lively sing-along events, and there will be some of that for sure, but Denis is also interested in digging a bit deeper into the musical traditions of that musical nation, and so you’ll hear music both fast and slow, both familiar and unfamiliar, and both traditional and newly-composed. And of course what would an Irish night be like without some stories. A rousing Irish time is guaranteed for all. And as they say over there: “You’re all very welcome!

P.S. Denis had the great pleasure of playing and singing at the first-ever Deep Cove Folk Club evening many years ago and considers it an honour to be involved on and off over the years, especially as he is now a resident of the Peninsula!

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