Paddy Hernon and Rick Van Krugel

Paddy Hernon and Rick Van Krugel

Friday, April 12, 2019
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

St. John’s United Church

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Paddy Hernon and Rick Van Krugel began playing together nearly half a century ago when they first met in 1970, eventually living together for two years in Vancouver. They recorded Paddy’s first album, “The Beggar” during that time, and again collaborated on his album “By Request” in the early nineties. Paddy is a walking, talking and singing encyclopedia of sea songs and shanties, ballads, bawdy songs, drinking songs, yarns, jokes and tall tales from Ireland, Scotland, England and international waters. Rick calls himself an “advanced primitive” mandolin player, self taught through accompanying singers by ear since 1964 with musical specialties of rural blues, southern old time music, jug band and general good old American hokum (look that one up!). His mandolin has embroidered and embellished innumerable recorded tracks over the past fifty years. Theirs is an utterly unlikely yet highly successful musical marriage of great mutual respect and admiration, and they have probably played a thousand gigs together without a single fight!

You can come planning to hear some beautiful songs, and you can count on some very amusing ones, exquisitely and/or playfully accompanied by mandolin stylings you’ll hear nowhere else, and you can expect the unexpected as Rick occasionally takes the lead to sing one of his off the beaten track favourites. Theirs is authentic and infectious music acquired from over a century of combined encounters, meetings, conversations, mishaps, jams, parties and general frivolity…the human story. If you don’t know either or both of this pair, get ready for a pleasant surprise. Analog music from before the internet! Fancy that!

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