Dakota Dave Hull Music Workshops

Saturday, April 11, 2015
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Mary Winspear Centre

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We have the rare pleasure of learning from Dakota Dave Hull, who has been called one of the greatest guitarists in the world. He is such a rich resource, that we have had such difficulty with one topic, we’re already considering doing a second workshop that same day.

Workshop ONE: Right Hand Technique (Mary Winspear Centre) 10 AM
– Cost $35
– Right Hand Technique: Here’s what Dave said: “The right hand drives the guitar, pure and simple. It does the hard work or we’d all be playing upside down guitars. So why do we think so little about it? Whether you’re playing fingerstyle or with a pick there’ll be some tips in this workshop that will help your playing.”

Workshop TWO: Drop D Tuning (Mary Winspear Centre) 1 PM
– Cost $35
– Drop D tuning: Here’s what Dave said: “Drop D is not just for the key of D anymore. We’ll give some examples of creative ways of using drop D tuning in keys like G, A, C, Bb, Am, Gm and F. Those two extra notes can open a world of possibilities.”

Contact Bob de Wolff for more details.

Both of these workshops are aimed at intermediate and above players, and will be ‘guitar centric’. That being said, Right Hand Technique applies to other instruments as well. Check with Bob de Wolff (contact info below), if you have questions.

Tickets and more information by emailing

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