A Ten Mile Musical Diet

A 10 Mile Musical Diet

Friday, September 14, 2018
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

St. John’s United Church

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“A 10 Mile Musical Diet”

As the harvest from local farms begins, the call to “eat locally” has begun to swell. We’re constantly encouraged to sample from the glories of island farms and surrounding waters—amazing berries, fresh salmon and halibut, vegetables to die for and much, much more. Indeed, at this time of year it is possible to dine amazingly well eating only foods within a 10 mile radius of home. At Deep Cove we began to feel that his “10 mile diet” might be expanded to include more than the sense of taste. “Why not,” we thought, “sample from the glories of local musicians—those who live within a 10 mile radius and who are involved with Deep Cove?” So we’ve taken the plunge and, on Sept. 14, are putting on an evening readily described as “the 10 mile musical diet.” In addition to our usual open stage, three groups of local musicians will grace our stage—all in celebration of the amazing talent we have living within a stone’s throw of our hall. And like our marvellous food, the local music is terrific—an evening not to be missed…..

For the beginning of the 2018-2019 season of Deep Cove Folk (our 30th year!) we are planning something a little different! We are featuring three local acts each contributing a 30 minute set. As usual we will open with a (shortened 30 minute) open stage set.

The opening feature act will be Soup To Nuts

What would be a good name for a band of retired folk – an airline pilot, an auditor, a science geek and a late blooming singer/songwriter – who absolutely love making music together? Soup To Nuts are four musicians with varied life and musical experiences who enjoy and play a variety of music styles, and who have reflected their eclectic tastes in the name they have chosen for themselves.

The Soup To Nuts repertoire includes songs ranging over the past 100 years, from vaudeville to old-time blues, from folk and country to do-wop and rock and roll, all leavened with a sprinkling of original songs. The band enjoys creating unique musical arrangements and vocal harmonies, with humour an essential ingredient in the mix!

Soup To Nuts are: Diane Campbell (vocals, ukulele, percussion), Gordon Campbell (standup acoustic bass and electric bass), Rick Nordin (vocals, guitar) and Martin Redwood (lead guitar, vocals). The Campbells are The Soup and the other two members are, well, Nuts, and together they make sweet music!

Soup To Nuts

The second Feature is Nellie Quinn and Friends

Nellie Quinn is quickly gaining attention as an outstanding musician, captivating performer and versatile interpreter of Canadian traditional musics. Nellie belies her young years through the depth and maturity of her music, no doubt a result of touring across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, she began playing music at the age of 9 and unlike most fiddlers, started playing violin an opposite way, or cross fiddle style as she is naturally left handed. After a few years of excelling at playing fiddle tunes left handed, she started to study classical music where it was recommended she switched to the conventional way of playing, right handed. Nellie studied classical music for 3 years before deciding to return to her first love, folk music.

Hailing from a musical family, Nellie inherited her great grandfather’s fiddle on which she has explored and become proficient in many different genres of music, recording with Indie Band ‘Italian Edition’ and recording her original tunes and traditional folk music Nellie Quinn produced her first EP entitled ‘From Past to Present’. Nellie has played with many prestigious groups including the ‘British Columbia Fiddle Orchestra’ which performed for over 40,000 people at the Victoria Canada day celebrations. ‘Twisted String’; a string group formed by Juno-nominated composer Oliver Schroer as well as “Fiddle Band” from Newcastle University performing at Celtic Connections 2010 in Scotland. Most recently Nellie has toured the US & Canada with Celtic Rock band ‘The Town Pants’.

As an active musician in the folk scene, Nellie has had the great opportunity to compose, perform and study alongside some of the most influential fiddlers of today. She has performed on stage with such fiddlers as; Gordon Stobbe, Oliver Schroer, Daniel Lapp, Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR), Ivonne Hernandez (The Fretless) and Catriona Macdonald to name but a few. Nellie spent 4 years performing, teaching and studying in Newcastle, UK which has also put her in high demand as a fiddle teacher. Recently Nellie has been spending lots of time teaching in the Northwest Territories with the Indigenous youth in the many small communities of the Northwest Territories. This teaching experience has involved many trips to the Northwest Territories to teach group workshops and private lessons at schools in the various communities. This program has been with the Kole Crook Fiddle Association as well as the Aurora Fiddle Society. When Nellie is not away teaching or touring you’ll find her teaching in the greater Victoria area, her home base.

Nellie has strong roots in Canadian folk music traditions such as Cape Breton, Quebecois, Métis (indigenous first people of Canada) and Old Time music. Through her understanding and awareness of all these genres she has developed and nurtured an individual style of playing which draws and shows respect for all these traditions whilst creating something vibrant, exciting and different. An evening of music from Nellie is an experience not be forgotten and is guaranteed to get your feet tapping. http://nelliequinn.com/

Nellie Quinn

The third feature for the night is Side By Side

“Side By Side” is based in North Saanich and made up of three guys who are no strangers to the Deep Cove Folk Club. In varying combinations, they have been regulars at the club’s open mics over the past five years. As a group, they perform a wide variety of music including folk, swing and country, sing-a-long participation, and lots of good fun. Individual members have performed at numerous venues on the Island as well as across Canada. So come on out to the Club for an evening of good old time tunes and a celebration our local live music scene.

Side By Side began performing together about five years ago as friends getting together for just the plain fun of playing music. Over time a repertoire and style began to evolve and since then they’ve played “out” in a number of venues as well as at Deep Cove. Happily, the spirit and friendship of “playing for the fun of it” has survived and remains a strong component of the Side By Side’s music. Their renditions of folk, country and swing tunes reflect the energy of their friendship and their love of music they perform.

Members of “Side by Side”:

Bob de Wolff is a life-long musician and music supporter. He’s been playing guitar and singing longer than he generally acknowledges being alive. His roots are in folk, pop and country, but his heart is in the music of the swing era as well as the jump blues. Bob is a skilled guitarist who shows his enthusiasm in every performance. He also produces the special concert series for Deep Cove Folk.

Tim Rogers is a veteran of the Canadian folk music scene having performed at numerous clubs and festivals all across Canada. His passion for local tunes and participation have been hallmarks of his performing over the last 50 years.

Al Udell is a long-serving bassist, singer and composer from Saskatoon. Over the years, he has performed and recorded with many popular rock, funk, pop, country, and blues groups in Saskatoon, Yellowknife, and Victoria. Although 4, 5 and 6-string electric bass are his mainstay instruments, Al has been devoting progressively more time lately with traditional upright bass. http://aludell.com.

Side By Side

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