Buskers – April 2012

Before the James Keelaghan concert in April 2012, club director Farrell Boyce suggested that busking on Beacon Avenue might be a good way of publicizing the upcoming concert – showing posters and handing out reminder cards. A sign was also posted that any donations of pocket change (into the traditional buskers open guitar case) would be donated to the Sidney Lions Food Bank. With fellow director Bob de Wolff, the duo played for the pedestrians of Beacon Avenue, made many people aware of the Keelagan concert and collected more than $100 for the food bank.

Buskers – October 2012

Since the previous busking experiment was so successful, the same was tried to publicize the Cowboy Celtic concert in October 2012. With Farrell out of town, Bob recruited fellow director Rick Nordin and Jim Sadlish (fiddler for our November feature Corner Grass), and they serenaded all comers.  A warm, delightful, sun dappled afternoon in front of Tanners Books.  Deep Cove Folk members Bent and Jannie Jesperson and Louise Parsons were there  and handed out cards promoting the David Wilkie and Cowboy Celtic concert. So, in all, in the order of 100 cards we handed out … and we collected $56.22 for the Lions Food Bank.

Rick Nordin, Bob DeWolff and Jim Sadlish

Buskers – 2013

To promote the Roy Forbes concert In February 2013, the illustrious DCF buskers took to the streets of Sidney again. A cool morning but the fingers of the Buskers survived and the hot music that they were playing brought the sun out! Bob De Wolff, Farrell Boyce, Tim Rogers and Jim Sadlish entertained passers-by for two hours while Rick Nordin handed out reminder cards for the Roy Forbes concert. Rave reviews from the audience, a couple of hundred cards handed out and an accordion case full of change that will go to the Lions food bank – a successful day!

Buskers – 2013 Part II

The buskers were once again out to promote the February 2013 Roy Forbes concert and collect money for the Sidney Lions food bank. Bob, Farrell, Tim and Jim were joined by Gary Garriton on Celtic Harp. Louise and Rick gave our reminder cards and many people were entertained and donated pocket change. Another fun day in front of Tanners Books.

Buskers – 2017

On Saturday afternoon, May 20th, several local musicians busked outside Tanners Books in Sidney to help publicize the upcoming Kristina Olsen & Bill Coon concert. Reminder cards with the concert information were handed out to those passing by. All donations were given to the Sidney Lions Food Bank.

Buskers 2017
Deep Cove Folk Buskers 2017
Buskers 2017
Deep Cove Folk Buskers 2017

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