Uke's Misbehavin

Uke’s Misbehavin’ – Nov. 10

So, you think that the Ukulele is well, just a ukulele?  Are you in for a surprise!  

‘Uke’s Misbehavin’ has taken the Island by storm and is smashing down barriers with their talented renditions of some much loved “Toe-Tapping Swinging Jazz Classics” as well as a few contemporary memories; all on the UKE. We are sure your previous impressions of these small but mighty instruments will never be the same again!

The Trio consists of three Lead Vocalists with years of experience in Jazz, Swing, Blues, Bluegrass, Folk, and Country; all culminating to a distinctive Stellar Swing Sound that is uniquely all their own.

Together as “Uke’s Misbehavin’” these three will share with you their love of Swing music and Jazz Harmonies through their combined talents.   You are sure to enjoy the songs, solos, arrangements, and stories they have in store, when they get to “Misbehavin” for you!  

This instrument is sure to be your new favorite as you “bop” along with these talented musicians.

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